Keep Cornwall Fed – using food waste to tackle food poverty

My newest project and complete personal obsession. Keep Cornwall Fed are two chefs from the Eden Project – Mike and Stu. To meet them is to be totally bowled over by their vision, passion and commitment to see an end to food waste and food poverty in Cornwall.

KCF was borne out of a collaboration between these two chef superstars and a project I was running at the time at the Eden Project, called The Crunch. Over the course of the project, Mike and Stu produced a stunning menu for a launch event of 50-odd people entirely from food waste.


Then they helped us stage a take-over of the Eden staff restaurant and produce a insect-based lunch for over 120 people.

Finally, they collaborated with The Crunch and Eden’s Big Lunch Extras programme to run a Disco Soup event, inviting over 100 Big Lunchers and members of the public to chop, peel and cook a whole communal community lunch using waste and surplus food that we’d gathered in from local supermarkets and suppliers.


And suddenly an idea was borne. Mike and Stu have a vision to feed over 5000 people during 2017, using waste and surplus food donated to them by the local suppliers they have so carefully crafted relationships with over the years. To do this, they’ve set up Keep Cornwall Fed, an amazing bespoke catering company and a social enterprise. For every meal that they sell commercially – at a wedding, festival, corporate event or anywhere that will pay them to cook their incredible food – they will produce a meal for some-one living in food poverty in their local area. They’ve already started giving back, working with food banks, local community kitchens and youth projects, and are chalking up the bookings too.

I’m working with them to give them a little bit of start-up support, as well as writing all their web copy, marketing materials, funding bids and handling press and PR.

If you’d like to know more, or to book them for your event, check out their website. If you are a member of the press and would like to get in touch, please contact me via my contact page.

0 thoughts on “Keep Cornwall Fed – using food waste to tackle food poverty

  1. Totally love this. The Ridge in Dunbar( Scotland) are doing something of the same. Food waste is massive. I would love to incorporate this sort of thing with New Waves New Venture, a Double Decker Bus.
    Exciting days- bless you guys.

    • Thanks Sal – I’ll check them out! KCF are doing the volunteer catering this year at Creation Fest, so you’ll be able to meet them then – and spread the word if you know anyone that needs catering! They’ll be at Lostfest and St Ives food festival doing their amazing Mexican street food from their converted horsebox, and more throughout the year no doubt!

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