An advent prayer

Lord, as we approach this season of craziness, presents & parties, I pray you’d help us to peer through the excess, push all that glitters to one side, and find our way back to the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Bauble

Here in the manger, without a bauble or a Christmas cracker in sight, you entered into the world without fanfare or ceremony.

Our Lord Most High, came down from the splendours of Heaven, wrapped in a cloth in a manger – humbled in the choosing of the meek and the lowly and the without title or position – so that we would know. Know that love does not equal the biggest present under the tree. Know that power does not exercise itself through the wielding of it. Know what a servant heart and loving thy neighbour truly looks like. For Christ came when we were still sinners. When we, in ignorance and disobedience, did not deserve his outpouring of gracious, life-giving, life-saving love.

This tiny baby, this man-God born to die, poured out in love for you and I.

Christmas Bauble 2

How do we honour such a sacrifice? Make it centre stage; more important than the meal, the money spent, the mayhem?

Help us not to just talk about the reason for the season, but help us to really see it. To see you. To see what you did for us when you left all that you knew, all that you had, and became so small, so that we might live. You gave your life, so that we might get to keep ours – and that is the greatest gift.


First published December 2013. To see the original post, click here


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