Driving home from work today, Rod Stewart came on the radio.

Now, I am aware that Rod may not be the epitome of cool to you, but as the strains of ‘You wear it well’ blared out from the car stereo and the sunshine flooded in through the windows, my face split into the most enormous grin.

You see, as I belted out the lyrics whilst driving along, I was instantly transported. Back to uncomplicated childhood times when pleasures were simple and life was sweet. Rod at full volume on the stereo on a sunny Saturday morning, whilst Mum cleaned the house or Dad cooked in the kitchen….

We’ve all got them. Songs that cheer us up no matter what, that spread smiles across our faces. That remind us of people or places that we love. Songs that take us back to innocent, happy times. Much like the first single you ever bought, they are unlikely to earn you a place in the Hall of Cool, but hey – that’s half the fun.


For me, they’d be any number of Rod Stewart songs; Maggie May, Hot Legs, Handbags and Gladrags…. they’d all do.

Or The Eagles – especially Take It Easy or Peaceful, Easy Feeling.

What are yours? The less cool, the better!