Have you ever heard something, read something, prayed something, felt something, and wished you could manage to hang on to that all day, every day?

You know – that moment of clarity when suddenly the fog clears and everything looks so simple, and you promise yourself that this time – this time! – you won’t forget this. And I wonder how stubborn my heart must be as I look back over the years that I have been wandering this planet and the years that I have known Jesus. When you’re in the midst of it, when the fire burns in your heart and your eyes sharpen and God truly does feel closer than a brother – it seems unfathomable that things will ever be any other way; that you will be distracted and life and dishes and laundry and work and your own priorities and selfish desires will ever overtake the clarity and focus that possesses your soul right now.


But it does, invariably. And my own stubborn heart and weak flesh continue to let me down. So – I have decided to start a list of all of those things that God has spoken to me over the years, those moments of clarity and the things I have promised myself will always be at the forefront of my mind as I journey through life. I will pick it up each morning and pray it right out to God, something to help me remember those vital, simple things that I wish I could burn into my heart but that somehow keep slipping to the back of my mind.

So here’s the start. I will keep adding to this, and I am sure you could also add your own.

1)    Jesus, be the centre. Be my vision, be my light. Love that song, and the truths it contains.

2)    Today I choose to praise you God, not because of what you can do for me, not even because of what you have done for me, but because of who you are.

3)    Today I choose to put down not only my hopes and plans, my ambitions, dreams and desires for my whole life, but also to submit my schedule for today. Lord, if you want to interrupt it, it’s all yours. I’m busy, but you’re God. And that’s enough for me.

4)    Less of me God and more of you. Always.

5)    Help me to understand how much you love me God. Because if I do that, I will be braver, bolder, more courageous in the way I live my life and the risks I take for you.

6)   God -you are enough for me. For my family, for my children, for my marriage. For my finances, for my future, for my now. I will trust you to be God and be in control.